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Trigger point Therapy Workbook 3rd Edition



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Available Now! The #1 Bestseller on Pain Relief

The treatment of muscle pain is a critical missing piece in health care. Physicians that study muscles report that about 75% of the time muscles contribute to or are completely responsible for common pain. This includes headaches and neck pain, low back pain, carpal tunnel, TMJ syndrome, plantar fasciitis, and the list goes on and on. Hard to believe such a big factor could be missing, isn’t it? Well, let’s break it down a little.

Treating chronic pain with medication, physical therapy or surgery often fails or falls short.

Pain medicine silences the messenger but does nothing to solve the underlying problem. Addiction to pain medications has become a terrible problem in part because doctors are not aware that muscles can cause such widespread and debilitating pain. Even seemingly harmless medicine, such as acetaminophen (the active ingredient in Tylenol) has been proven to be damaging to the liver if the recommended dose is exceeded. Other solutions such as anti-inflammatories can fail when the problem is not inflammation or the cause of the inflammation is not addressed. Ideally physical therapy would treat muscle trigger points but instead PTs usually begin stretching and strengthening before the muscle is ready.

The trouble with myofascial pain is that the problem is not in the place that hurts!

Please explore the “Our Books” section to read about trigger point self-treatment books written by Amber Davies and Clair Davies. Now you may be thinking, “But my back hurts! I can’t reach my own back.” Well, that is an easy one: tools. We have figured out easy ways to self-treat nearly every muscle a professional massage therapist can treat, even all the muscles of the back. Even better, these self-treatment tools are affordable and accessible. One of our favorite ways to do self-massage is to lean into a wall against a rubber ball. You will be amazed at how much good can come of doing a little bit of massage to the right places. Our books will help you figure out where the right places are.

Our mission at New Day Myopain Center is to help to bring the treatment of muscle pain into the mainstream.

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