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New Day Myopain Center
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Where to buy massage balls & tools



Schertz, Texas

“I learned more in two days than in three months doing practical massage in school. Massage therapists really need your information.”


Ledbetter, Texas

"Best workshop I’ve ever been in. Learning can still be fun!"


Perrysville, Ohio

“This workshop would be a good value at twice the price. Now I know what to do with Travell and Simons!”


Hixson, Tennessee

"Best continuing education I have ever attended."


Columbus, Ohio

“It was a good refresher in anatomy and an encouragement to pay closer attention to it.”


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Trigger Point Self-Treatment Kit

The massage tool kit created by the author of The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook

$15+ Shipping | Order Now

Who needs expensive tools? This handy tote bag includes every size ball you need to
self-treat trigger points all over your body. All you need is a wall and the right ball.
This kit includes:

  • 3 small hi-bounce balls great for the hands, feet, and arms
  • 4 all-purpose balls:
    • lacrosse ball
    • 60mm hi-bounce glitter ball
    • tennis ball with a tube sock
    • hi-bounce pinky

Most people prefer the hardness of the 60mm hi-bounce glitter ball but they are very difficult to find in stores or online. If you were only allowed one massage tool ever, this would be the one. It’s that good. We’ve included a tennis ball because it is softer than a hi-bounce ball. They are easy to find and buy but who needs the extra run around? The tennis ball slips against the wall so we included a tube sock to put it in for better control against the wall or in the seat of a car. The lacrosse ball has become a very popular self-treatment tool but in our classes we find that only about 5% of people like the intensity of this hardest of balls. For those among us who need a lighter touch, the hi-bounce pinky will be a favorite. Depending on your muscle tissue you may find you like different balls in different places on your body at different times. Are you thumbs tired from using your phone? Use the smallest two balls on your hands. You’ll be amazed.


Anatomy Trains: Myofascial Meridians. “Bodyreading 101.” DVD set. Available from

Acland’s DVD Atlas of Human Anatomy (2003) and Video Atlas of Human Anatomy (1995) by Robert Acland. Available from


Ergonomic Aids

Standing/Sitting Ergonomic Workstations (retail)



Morton’s Foot Syndrome Insole (wholesale or retail)


Massage Tools


The Pressure Positive Company
128 Oberholtzer Road
Gilbertsville, PA 19525

Body Back Buddy (wholesale or retail)

High Bounce Balls (bulk orders)

2½-inch (60 mm) and other sizes found here.

High Bounce Balls (small orders)

Large Inflatable Balls

Fitball Body Therapy Ball, 5 inch and 7 inch


Knobble (wholesale or retail)

EDCAT Enterprise
733 North Beach Street
Daytona Beach, FL 32114

The Pressure Positive Company (see Backnobber above)

Shemala Fingers
The Myofree Solution: The Missing Piece in the TMJ Puzzle

Thera Cane (wholesale or retail)
EDCAT Enterprise (see Knobble above)
Thera Cane (wholesale)
Thera Cane Company
PO Box 9220
Denver, CO 80209-0220


Tiger Tail (wholesale or retail)

Tiger Tail USA
Pressure Positive Company

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