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Groin Pain


Medical solutions for pelvic, genital and gynecological pain have a high rate of failure. Exploratory surgery in the abdominal and pelvic areas in a dubious search for the cause of pain is appallingly common. The removal of organs is rampant, even though such surgery regularly fails to erase symptoms!

These are some of the conclusions drawn by Doctors Janet Travell and David Simons in their widely acclaimed medical textbook, Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction: The Trigger Point Manual. Travell and Simons believe that myofascial trigger points (tiny contraction knots) in overworked or strained abdominal, buttocks, or inner thigh muscles are an extremely common, though commonly unsuspected, cause of pelvic and genital pain.

Trigger points should be at the top of the list during any examination for pain in the pelvic and genital areas. Wider recognition of the myofascial causes of pain in these places could eliminate many unnecessary operations and a great deal of needless worry, discomfort, and distress. Doctors Travell and Simons give many examples:

Menstrual Pain

Much of the menstrual pain felt in the lower abdomen, and in the ovaries, uterus, and vagina, may come from trigger points in lower abdominal muscles.

Doctor Janet Travell believed that menstrual pain could be prevented to a great extent by regular self-applied massage to abdominal trigger points between menstrual periods. A diagnosis of endometriosis can even be an error. Trigger points cause exactly the same kind of oppressive, demoralizing pain.

Genital Pain in Men

Pain in the penis, testicles, prostate, rectum, or bladder may be nothing more serious than these same lower abdominal trigger points. In the buttocks, a piriformis muscle that is shortened and swollen by trigger points can entrap the pudendal nerve, causing prostate symptoms and impotence in males and pain in the groin, genitals, or rectal area of either gender.

Genital Pain in Women

Trigger points in the upper part of the inner thigh cause pain inside the pelvis. This may be felt as a sharp, sudden explosion of pain at the pubic bone, or in the vagina, rectum, uterus, or bladder.

Pain from trigger points in the inner thigh is increased by extreme abduction of the hip (spreading of the thighs). For this reason, vaginal or pelvic pain may occur in women during intercourse in the missionary position, causing unnecessary worry about possible visceral or gynecological disease.


Adults who suffer from urinary incontinence when they laugh, cough, or sneeze need to know their problem might be a simple matter of a referred weakening of the urinary sphincters by trigger points low on the abdomen. Older children who still wet the bed may be having the same difficulty.


Doctors Travell and Simons believe that physicians who are ignorant of the myofascial causes of genital and pelvic pain can be led to a wide range of mistaken diagnoses and misdirected treatment, including surgery.

The ultimate misdiagnosis, of course, is when they say your pain is all in your head. Psychological counseling does not relieve genital and pelvic pain when myofascial trigger points are the cause. If you've been frustrated in your search for solutions to any of these problems, you need to know that you can treat trigger points yourself quite effectively.


trigger points workbook

In The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook, nationally certified massage therapist Clair Davies has simplified Travell and Simons' extensive research into myofascial pain and made it accessible to the layman.

His innovative methods of self-applied trigger point massage will relieve genital pain, endometriosis, menstrual pain, painful intercourse, vulvadynia, penis pain, testicle pain, and rectal pain when trigger points are the cause.

To find out more about the book and the method, please visit the homepage. To read a growing number of reviews by people who have been helped by the book, take a look at the book’s page at Amazon.com.

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