Self Treatment Examples

Headache, Toothache, Sinus Pain, TMJ, Ear Itch

headache trigger points

The illustration shows trigger points in a jaw muscle (masseter) that can cause a frontal headache and pain in the sinuses, teeth, ears and temporomandibular joints (TMJ disorder). They can be responsible for a sense of sinus pressure or congestion. These trigger points are also the cause of that familiar maddening itch deep inside the ear.

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headache trigger points

The illustration shows massage of the masseter muscles with the thumb and fingers. The thumb is inside the mouth.

See The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook for more details on how to deal with all five muscles of the jaw.

Tennis Elbow, Elbow Tendinitis

elbow trigger points

The illustration shows trigger points in the extensor carpi radialis longus muscle. These are the most common cause of pain in the outer elbow, commonly called tennis elbow, elbow tendinitis, or lateral epicondylitis. Trigger points in other forearm muscles cause numbness, tingling, burning, swelling, weakness and stiffness in the wrists, hands and fingers:

elbow trigger points

The illustration shows massage of the outer forearm with a tennis ball or lacrosse ball against a wall. Lean your body against your arm to apply pressure. begin 3 or 4 inches below the elbow and roll the ball repeatedly all the way up to the elbow. Six to twelve strokes make a treatment, but treat several times a day.

See The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook for many other ways to deal with the many other muscles of the forearm and hand.

Low Back Pain

back trigger points

The reason there are so many differing opinions about the cause of back pain is that it's mostly referred pain. You may never find back pain's real cause if you look for it only in the back muscles or the spine. back pain very often comes from trigger points in stomach muscles, for instance. The illustration shows a gluteus medius trigger point that is one of the most common causes of low back pain:

back trigger points

The illustration shows treatment of low back pain with massage of the buttocks muscles using a tennis ball or lacrosse ball against a wall. Treat the entire area covered by the pocket. Keep your feet 12 inches or more away from the wall.

See The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook for more details on how to massage all the muscles in this important but often neglected area.

Ankle Pain

ankle trigger points

You may not have ever thought about it, but the muscles of the lower leg are actually foot muscles. It should be no surprise that much of the pain in the feet and ankles comes from lower leg muscles. The illustration shows the trigger point in the side of the lower leg that causes pain in the ankle that feels just like a sprain.

ankle trigger points

The illustration shows massage of the peroneus muscles with paired thumbs. This area can also be massaged with the knuckles or the heel of the opposite foot.

See The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook for more details on how to massage the many muscles of the lower leg and foot.

trigger points book

Learn how to find and self-treat trigger points in 120 pairs of muscles throughout the body, with the help of 376 drawings just like these.

To find out more about the book and the method, please visit the homepage. To read a growing number of reviews by people who have been helped by the book, take a look at the book’s page at

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