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Shoulder Workbook Doctor Reviews

The Frozen Shoulder Workbook

Reviews by Medical Doctors

“A well-written exposition on a difficult subject.”
—Daniel J. Wallace, MD, clinical professor of medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles, School of Medicine


“In this outstanding book, Clair Davies aptly explains the rational for the trigger point approach based on the teachings of Drs. Janet Travell and David Simons to the treatment of frozen shoulder. He presents his hypothesis well. It is time for the medical profession to accept alternative therapies in treating this condition, which does not often respond to routine medical care.”
—Paul B. Brown, MD, Ph.D., rheumatologist and clinical professor of medicine at the University of Washington

“Clair Davies has done it again. He has written a wonderful book that provides insight and practical advice for the treatment of a common problem: frozen or stiff shoulder. He shows where the pain is, what the problems are, and how an individual can treat it, sometimes with the help of a partner. His illustrations and directions are clear. His case examples are helpful. This is a very useful book for those who have had rotator cuff injuries or other shoulder problems.”
—Robert D. Gerwin, MD, president and medical director of Pain and Rehabilitation Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland, and the Janet G. Travell, MD, Seminar Series

“Mr. Davies has done an outstanding job of tackling and simplifying a difficult topic that challenges even experienced clinicians. His review of the functional anatomy and kinesiology of the shoulder and the central role of the muscles in the control of the shoulder is a welcome review for physicians and therapists. His simple diagrams and descriptions make this topic understandable to those without formal training as well. Most importantly he shows very concrete ways in which a patient or clinician may effectively treat trigger points, which in my view are the primary cause of shoulder pain and stiffness in the majority of cases. I highly recommend this book to patients with shoulder pain and to clinicians involved in the evaluation and treatment of patients with shoulder pain.”
—Bryan J. O'Neill, MD, clinical assistant professor in the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University, Philadephia, Pennsylvania

“From a practical point of view, this is a really exceptional workbook, which could become a best-seller in its field. It is a wonderful overview concerning trigger points, which are the most common cause of frozen shoulder. I can recommend the book to all who are engaged in treating frozen shoulders, including medical doctors, therapists, and patients together with their partners.”
—Dieter Pongratz, MD, professor in the Department of Neurology at the University of Munich Hospital, Friedrich-Baur-Institute, in Munich, Germany

“The Frozen Shoulder Workbook is truly a remarkable and comprehensive text that will be indispensable for patients with chronic shoulder pain. Written from a layperson’s perspective, it is very readable and well-illustrated, but still has plenty of background science and anatomy to satisfy clinicians as well. The book outlines a thorough approach to myofascial pain in the shoulder region and provides multiple treatment strategies to address the clinical variations that are seen. I will highly recommend it to my shoulder pain patients.”
—Steven R. Shannon, MD, Pain and Rehabilitation Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland

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