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Therapist Directory

National Association of Myofascial Trigger Point Therapists

NAMTPT is a great resource for finding well trained trigger point therapists.

Myopain Seminars

This company trains both massage and physical therapists in trigger point therapy. Currently their website only lists patient referrals to their faculty.

Precision NMT

Neuromuscular massage therapy taught by Doug Nelson. Good site for finding a certified neuromuscular therapist.

NMT Center

Neuromuscular massage therapy taught by Judy DeLany. Good site to find advanced massage therapists called neuromuscular therapists.

360 Neuromuscular Therapy

This is a Boston, MA area clinic that specializes in treating pain and dysfunction. They also train therapists through Myopain Seminars. There is a small directory of area therapists here.

William Huhn Method

Directories of therapists in Canada and Europe who have taken seminars from William Huhn are available here.


Orthopedic massage therapy taught by Whitney Lowe. Good site to find a certified orthopedic massage therapist.

The Center for Pain Management

Orthopedic massage therapy taught by James Waslaski. Good site to find an orthopedic massage therapist trained in treating pain and dysfunction. These therapists may or may not be trained specifically in trigger point therapy.

Kinesis Myofascial Integration

This is a good site to find an advanced massage or manual therapist who is highly trained and knowledgeable about fascia and myofascial pain. These practitioners may or may not be trained specifically in trigger points.

International Myopain Society

This is the website for the International Myopain Society which is a relatively small organization of doctors, researchers, therapists and others who are interested in myofascial pain.

Pelvic Pain

The National Center for Pelvic Pain Research

National Center for Pelvic Pain Research run by David Wise, author of Headache in the Pelvis and Paradoxical Relaxation. Good site for all people suffering from chronic pelvic pain.

American Association of Physical Therapists

To find a specialist in pelvic pain syndromes select “women’s health” under select a specialty. These physical therapists are often trained to treat both men and women with pelvic pain.

Certification Board for Myofascial Trigger Point Therapists

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